Confronting Evil: The Trump Voter’s Moral Duty to Defend Liberty.

Our podcast today is titled Confronting Evil: The Trump Voter’s Moral Duty to Defend Liberty. I am Laurie Thomas Vass, and this podcast is a production of the Citizens Liberty Party News Network, for December 16, 2020.

Our intent of this article is to persuade Trump voters that they have a personal, moral duty, to restore American liberty.

We begin by noting the odd circumstance of being both in agreement with Victor Davis Hanson’s analysis of the chronology of the Democrat’s deep state “slow-moving coup,” and in disagreement with his interpretation of the implications of the coup for the future of liberty.

We define a coup d'etat as an illegal, unconstitutional seizure of power, conducted by an enemy of the existing government.

The initial planning to unleash the American coup began on November 14, 2016, just two weeks after the election.

According to Joe Schoffstall, writing in the Washington Free Beacon, Soros gathered with top Democrats in D.C to plot the coup.

Schoffstall writes,

  “Liberal billionaire George Soros is meeting behind closed doors with top         Democrats to plot a resistance strategy against President-elect Donald Trump and         Republicans. The three-day conference began Sunday at the Mandarin Oriental   hotel in Washington, D.C., and is sponsored by deep-pocketed liberal members        of the dark money Democracy Alliance donor network. The group will seek to       pick up the pieces from the 2016 election, plot its strategy for upcoming      elections, and map out a game plan to battle Trump during his first 100 days in     office.”

Obama implemented the elements of the Soros plan, in Obama’s office, with Joe Biden, on January 5, 2017.

In contrast to Hanson’s term of a “slow-moving coup,” our term for the Soros Democrat coup is sedition. (Vass, Laurie Thomas, Obama's Deployment of the FBI As A Political Weapon,, December 14, 2017).

We link the Democrat election fraud of 2020 as a part of the on-going Soros coup of 2016.

Unlike Hanson’s interpretation of the coup, we argue that the consequence of the election fraud is the end of Madison’s representative republic, with the installation of an illegitimate leader, also known as an unelected dictator.

Like Maduro in Venezuela, Biden has seized power without the consent of the governed. His seizure of illegitimate authority is more than just the end of the Republic, it is the end of the American principle of individual liberty.

Like Maduro, Biden seeks to impose socialism against the will of the majority of citizens. Biden fulfills one of Madison’s fears that the framework of government could end with a dominant faction over ruling a defenseless faction.

In Biden’s case, it is not Madison’s fear that the majority of common citizens would dominate the minority natural aristocracy. Rather, Biden seeks to impose a minority ideology of Marxist slavery on the majority of middle and working class citizens.

We allege that the coup’s last act of election fraud, in 2020, constitutes a premeditated evil act to deprive Trump voters of their God-given natural rights of liberty and self-government.

We claim that the Democrat’s destruction of natural rights obligates Trump voters to confront the evil in order to restore their natural rights. The moral duty of Trump voters is obedience to Locke’s definition of the natural law.

In other words, the Trump voter’s duty to confront Democrat evil is obedience to God’s natural law because it restores God-given natural rights.

Hanson was one of the first national observers to label the Democrat’s activity as a coup. Beginning with his first column, in February 2017, Hanson has written a compelling series of articles describing how the coup was conducted.

Hanson wrote his first article about the coup one week after Rush Limbaugh first wrote about the coup (The Barack Obama Shadow Government Coup Against Trump, February 15, 2017).




Limbaugh had written,

          “The deep state, the embedded bureaucracy where the Obama shadow           government is doing everything it can to overthrow the Trump presidency... our    country today is not functioning as a representative republic.”

In his February 21, 2017 article, titled, Seven Days in February, Hanson expanded on Limbaugh’s analysis that the nation was not functioning as a representative republic.

Hanson wrote,

  “Mark Zaid, the attorney representing the Ukraine whistleblower, boasted in two         recently discovered tweets of ongoing efforts to stage a coup to remove Trump…           the political and media opponents of Donald Trump are seeking to subvert his       presidency in a manner unprecedented in the recent history of American   politics…The question, then, arises: Why were former Obama-administration          appointees or careerist officials tapping the phone calls of an incoming Trump        designate (and Trump himself?) and then leaking the tapes to their pets in the        press? For what purpose?.. ending Trump one way or another is apparently the   tortured pathway his critics are taking to exit their self-created labyrinth of    irrelevance.”

In his October 31, 2017, article, The Advantages of Liberal Insurance, Hanson suggests that the ruling class would suffer the humiliation of being exposed as illiberal, if the intent of their coup was uncovered.

Hanson writes,

          “The more fervently progressives seek to redistribute income, or use diversity quotas      to ensure proportional representation in hiring and           admissions, or suspend    constitutional free speech and due process to suppress individualism, the more likely         that socialist elites will risk being exposed or convicted as illiberal.”

In his July 31, 2018, National Review article, The Origins of Our Second Civil War, Hanson shifts the consequences for the elites, from being exposed as illiberal and irrelevant, to precipitating a civil war.

Hanson cites two major causes underlying the cause of the second civil war. He writes,

          “How, when, and why has the United States now arrived at the brink of a veritable       civil war?

          Globalization had an unfortunate effect of undermining national unity. It created                   new iconic billionaires in high tech and finance, and their subsidiaries of coastal      elites, while hollowing out the muscular jobs largely in the American interior.

          Illegal Immigration
          Immigration was recalibrated hand-in-glove by progressives who wanted a new           demographic to vote for leftist politicians and by Chamber of Commerce   conservatives who wished an unlimited pool of cheap unskilled labor. The result was        waves of illegal, non-diverse immigrants who arrived at precisely the moment when    the old melting pot was under cultural assault.”


Several months later, Hanson sounded the “all clear” that the coup, and threat of civil war, was over.

He wrote, with a sigh of relief, (February 17, 2019), in Autopsy of a Dead Coup, that the ruling class elites had been soundly driven back from the brink of civil war.

          “The illegal effort to destroy the 2016 Trump campaign by Hillary Clinton         campaign’s use of funds to create, and disseminate among court media, and then salt         among high Obama administration officials, a fabricated, opposition smear dossier    has failed. So has the second special prosecutor phase of the coup to abort the Trump     presidency failed.”

We disagree with Hanson that the coup had failed in 2018, because we assert that the coup of January 5, 2017, did not end in 2018. The coup ended in victory for the Democrats on November 3, 2020.

We disagree with Hanson that the coup was the pre-cursor of a civil war. A civil war ends with one side subjugating the losing side to the winner’s ideology, and continuing as one nation.

The Obama-Soros coup is a pre-cursor to the second American revolution, where Trump voters seek an absolute civil dissolution of the existing nation, and start over with a democratic republic.

We agree with Hanson’s assessment that the coup established a political precedent in American politics that is permanent. Our argument is that the precedent of the coup means that Madison’s constitution is irreparably damaged, and cannot be rehabilitated.

Hanson wrote on November 12, 2019,

  “10) Precedent. The indiscriminate efforts to remove Trump over the       past three years, when coupled with the latest impeachment gambit, have now set a precedent in which the out party can use impeachment as a tool to embarrass, threaten or seek to remove a sitting president and reverse an election.”

And, while Hanson’s careful 4-year analysis of the chronology of the coup is correct, he reaches the wrong conclusion about the significance and consequence of the election fraud in November of 2020.

Like so many other skeptics of the evidence of the Democrat’s election fraud, Hanson continues to cling to the false belief that there is something of credibility and value in rehabilitating Madison’s flawed document.

As long as Trump voters continue to be swayed by Hanson’s logic, those voters will also cling to the false belief that their liberties were not stolen, along with Trump’s victory, and that the United States can return to normal.

In his National Review article, Trump Faces a Critical Choice About His Political Future, (November 26, 2020),  Hanson writes,

  “But so far none of these advocates (of voter fraud) have produced the       requisite whistleblowers, computer data, or forensic evidence to prove         their astounding charges. If they do not produce evidence in a few days, then the   pilloried Republicans may well lose the Senate races in Georgia… What       matters now are the interests of the country first and Trump’s constituents   second.”

We disagree. What matters now is restoring the liberties of Trump voters, because the United States constitutional government ceased to exist, after the election of 2020.

We argue that Hanson has his priorities reversed. Without citizen liberty, there is no American nation, because liberty is the foundation of voluntary obedience to the rule of law.

In other words, without liberty, the voluntary obedience to the rule of law is replaced by the socialist police state enforcement of the rule of law.

We agree with the conclusion of Angelo Codevilla, that America, as you knew it, prior to November 3, 2020, is over.

Codevilla writes,

“This election (2020) is about whether the Democratic Party, the   ruling class’s          enforcer, will impose its tastes more strongly and arbitrarily than ever, or      whether constituencies (Trump voters) opposed to that rule will get some ill-    defined chance to strike back. Regardless of the election’s outcome, the        republic established by America’s Founders is probably gone… The (Marxist)       revolution long since destroyed the original American republic in the minds,   hearts, and habits of a critical mass of citizens. Loudly, (the Marxists) declare      that the rest of us are racists, etc., unworthy of self-     government. No one can undo   that (precedent).”

In his article, Revolution 2020, written 5 weeks before the 2020 election, Codevilla explains why the transformation of the nation is beyond redemption. His explanation centers on the Marxist revolution in government principles that undermined Madison’s constitution.

Codevilla writes,

          “The ruling class was able to transform America’s constitutional regime because its   collective partisanship bridged the divisions between the federal government’s parts,         the states, as well as between public and private power…the ruling class effectively      repealed the Constitution and the laws of the United States.”

Codevilla is correct that the mission of the ruling class revolution was not simply and solely about getting rid of Trump.

Codevilla writes,

“Let there be no doubt: the ruling class’s focus on Donald Trump has been incidental. America’s elites do not fear one pudgy orange-haired septuagenarian. They fear the (majority) millions of Americans whom they loathe, who voted for Trump, who gave his party control of House and Senate, and who will surely vote for folks these elites really should fear… For the ruling class, crushing Donald Trump is only incidentally its objective—that of crushing the spirit of independence in America’s “deplorable” population is its essential objective.”

We agree with Codevilla that the ruling class intent is to crush individual liberty, in order to establish totalitarian, one-party global rule by the elites, which we call the global crony capitalist class.

We argue that it is the moral duty of Trump voters to defend liberty, and that the defense of liberty means engaging the Democrats, and the crony capitalist class, in a second American revolution.

As we explained in our earlier article on the moral justification of revolution, the second revolution can either take the path of a peaceful civil dissolution of the Former United States of America (FUSA), or it can easily devolve into a bloody violent revolution, the end of which ushers onto the field of battle, the second enemy of American freedom, the Chinese Communist Party. (Vass, Laurie Thomas, The Moral Justification for the Second American Revolution. The Citizens Liberty Party News Network, November 17, 2020,

Our podcast today is the introduction of a much longer article, available for free at

The other sections of the longer article are:

Section 1. The Moral Duty of Trump Voters to Defend Natural Rights of Liberty and Self-Government.

Section 2. The Trump Voter’s Duty To Confront Evil.

Section 3. The Trump Voter’s Strategy of Confrontation With Democrat Marxists.

Conclusion: The Restoration of Liberty.


I am Laurie Thomas Vass, and this podcast is a production of the Citizens Liberty Party News Network.

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