The Principles of Government, The Declaration of Citizen Rights, and the Constitution of the Democratic Republic of America

We wrote this document to provide natural rights conservatives with a first draft of our thoughts about the new government. We consider our contribution as a first step in developing an ideology of individual liberty that vanquishes the ideology of Marxist collectivism.


Our ideology of natural rights is based upon the philosophical lineage of Locke-Jefferson-Lincoln, which we are fighting to conserve.

We begin with a confession. We believe that the Former United States of America (FUSA) ended early on the morning of November 4, 2020, when the vote counting stopped, to allow truck loads of fraudulent ballots to be counted.

We believe that the Former United States of America was overthrown by a Democrat Marxist coup that installed an unelected, illegitimate tyrant as a fake President.

We believe that every act this illegitimate tyrant takes to impose Marxism on citizens is an illegal and criminal act.

Democrat Party Marxism is a permanent feature of the American political system, and nothing of institutional or cultural value will be left to restore, even if election integrity is restored.

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